AlphaCoin Fund newly established a $100 million ecological fund and increased its holding capacity IOST Posted on April 4, 2019 by Just Blockchain News

AlphaCoin Fund is committed to promoting the application of blockchain projects. Recently, its new $100 million eco-fund will continue to provide IOST with capacity in blockchain ecology, asset management, and community building to enhance investment value.

The AlphaCoin Fund was incorporated in Cayman and is a venture capital fund focused on blockchain technology and certification. The fund has become a super-node organization for many projects such as Firecoin, CyberMiles, Bgogo, and Force Agreement. It has established long-term cooperative relationships with first-line investment institutions such as Zhenge Fund, Sequoia Capital and Danhua Capital.

AlphaCoin Fund recently established a new $100 million eco-fund, along with its AlphaCoin Labs, to integrate eco-integration-blockchain application integration funds, blockchain application labs, blockchain applications and financial industry. Service Center and Industry Summit Forum, through the sharing of global research reports, industry training, technical seminars, production and research at universities and colleges, and the global summit of blockchains, to build Hainan Free Trade Zone (Hong Kong) blockchain application finance industry Integrate brand demonstration projects and establish a globally influential blockchain application iconic organization. At the same time, strengthen strategic increase or investment in high-quality blockchain assets, enhance the project’s working capital strength, and strengthen strategic cooperation with the project team in community construction, industry research, asset management, and ecological development to provide long-term value for project development. Building a blockchain ecosystem.

AlphaCoin Initiatives & Integration is the strategic direction of AlphaCoin Fund since its inception. Whether it is the industrial bubble or the prototype of the early Internet, infrastructure construction and industrial research linkage has always been the vision of AlphaCoin Fund. The fund hopes to pass Ecological integration helps traditional businesses embrace blockchain technology and drive industry adoption.

In 2018, the blockchain industry has been ups and downs. The AlphaCoin Fund insisted on the initial focus and has been digging deep into the blockchain projects and elites at the top of the pyramid. Since 2017, AlphaCoin Fund has invested in over 70 quality blockchain projects worldwide with a total investment of more than $60 million. The high-performance public-chain platform IOST is one of the first key investment projects of AlphaCoin Fund. AlphaCoin Fund will continue to provide IOST in the blockchain ecology, asset management, community construction and other aspects to enhance investment value. Currently, AlphaCoin Fund has become the main network node of IOST.

The following content will be elaborated on IOST’s value discovery, technical architecture, project progress, and market transactions.

First, the value discovery

  1. Technology value: The IOST founding team proposes a set of relatively leading market expansion plans by combining PoB consensus mechanism and EDS fragmentation technology. Its technical vision is beautiful, and the PoB mechanism is also more innovative than the existing consensus mechanisms. The overall expansion solution is relatively complete, and it is expected to bring new directions to the underlying public chain to break through the technical bottleneck.
  2. Market value: IOST has sufficient global liquidity and has been listed on more than 50 exchanges including fire coins and currency security. IOST’s market capitalization is stable at around 50, and the market has performed well recently, with a three-month increase of 124%.
  3. Integrity value: IOST performance is good, planning is progressing as scheduled; development is hot, the number of code submissions is as high as 8186 times; in the context of the public chain is like the river, the market is deepening, IOST can still be solidly promoted Project development, on-line main network.
  4. Ecological value: IOST connects top industry resources, and has reached strategic cooperation with many blockchain projects, and has obtained investment from well-known investment institutions such as Sequoia Capital and Zhenge Fund. In addition, the operation status is in full swing, and the overseas community has a high reputation. The group foundation is good and the international expansion trend is obvious. The overall strength is a steady development and active development.
  5. The latest progress: IOST main network has been online, the main network node more than 200, the chain transaction volume is second only to ETH, EOS and wave field and broke through 20 million trading times; become the fourth largest block used by DAPP Chain network.
  6. Project Overview and Technical Architecture

IOST’s mission is to build a scalable, efficient and secure public chain that is designed to go beyond Ethereum to build the next generation of ultra-high performance blockchain infrastructure to meet the security and scalability requirements of the decentralized economy. .

In the innovation of public chain technology, IOST is committed to breaking the technical bottleneck before the large-scale landing of the current blockchain. Trying to surpass Ethereum in terms of scalability while ensuring security, while avoiding too much sacrifice decentralization like EOS.

IOST’s technical solutions mainly include EDS fragmentation architecture, PoB consensus mechanism and MSB storage scheme. PoB is the core mechanism of IOST network operation, and EDS fragmentation is its optimization solution to improve transaction throughput, and MSB is for high throughput. The technical solution proposed by the data storage problem brought by the operation.

PoB Consensus Mechanism: Balance of Rights and Credit

In order to avoid centralization, IOST created a PoB (credibility certification) consensus mechanism to ensure the security and activity of the system by introducing the concept of “trustworthiness”. And three operational mechanisms are included in the PoB consensus system: risk punishment mechanism, credibility priority mechanism, and Servi management mechanism to ensure the good operation of the entire network.

Efficient Distributed Fragmentation (EDS): divide and conquer

The fragmentation scheme divides the nodes on the blockchain into multiple task groups and processes the transactions on the chain in parallel to improve efficiency.

IOST’s EDS fragmentation architecture combines distributed random number generation protocol (DRP) to perform fair fragmentation of the system; combined with the Trans Epoch to ensure normal operation of the system during slice conversion; The Atomix guarantees the operability of the transaction during the segmentation.

MSB Micro Status Block: Reduce storage costs

MSB is the storage solution for IOST. To make a high-throughput public chain, it is necessary to consider the storage scheme. It is likely that there is a problem that the amount of data that a single node runs is too large and the new joining node is difficult to start. IOST intends to use the blockchain storage pruning algorithm to compress the complete state of the fragmented blockchain, using the State Block-based MSB to minimize the storage and cold-start costs of the verification node.

Third, the project progress

  1. Performance

The IOST performance was in good condition, the planning implementation and development progress were in line with the original plan. The IOST test network was launched on schedule, the main network was launched 6 months ahead of schedule, and other plans such as the IOST wallet and block browser were released as scheduled.

In June 2018, the IOST test network Everest 0.5 was released. At that time, based on the verification of the POB consensus mechanism, the peak 8000 TPS was achieved in the actual environment, which is 400 times that of ETH and 8 times that of EOS.

According to the original plan of IOST, the main network will be launched in the third quarter of 2019, but the IOST main network Olympus v1.0 will be launched in February 2019.

According to official sources, the IOST main online line has achieved 20 million transactions in the past month. The number of nodes in the whole network has reached more than 200, and about 86,000 chain accounts have been created, which can support millions of users. In addition, the IOST network’s chain transactions are ranked second only to EOS, ETH and wave fields.

  1. Ecological construction

Ecological construction is a key factor in determining the long-term development of public chain projects.

In the application construction, at the end of May last year, IOST established the Theseus team to be responsible for the application ecology, including wallets, block transmitters, developer tools, and DApp creation. After one year of development, the IOST application ecosystem has gradually matured, becoming the fourth largest blockchain network used by DApp, second only to EOS, ETH and wave field. The IOST platform has been launched in 7 DApp applications such as Endless Game, IOST Voter, and Cell Evolution. Among them, Endless Game has a volume of 1 billion IOST.

In the industry ecological construction, IOST connects top industry resources and has reached strategic cooperation with blockchain projects such as Lambda, Cova Network, Rate3, and BlueHill. The cooperation targets include distributed storage, data assetization, privacy protection platform, and game platform.

(IOST part of the partner)

In terms of financing, IOST has received investment and support from the world’s top institutions including Sequoia Capital, True Fund, BlockVC and Firecoin.

  1. Code update and development progress

The IOST development fever has been maintained at a high level. The code base of the project has been continuously submitted for code for up to one year. A total of 28 code contributors have submitted a total of 8299 times.

The number of IOST code submissions has been ranked first in the GitHub code update week list released by TokenInsight, and the highest weekly submissions reached 312 times.

(IOST’s github code submission frequency)

  1. Community operation and construction

The overall operational status of IOST is good, with outstanding focus, wide coverage and a global layout.

It can be seen from the public information, official community and project weekly report that the reach of IOST operation and promotion activities has been extended to many countries at home and abroad, with the best activity in Korea and the United States, coverage of social, media and offline activities. The community operations are the focus of efforts. The overseas community has developed well and is very popular.

As of now, IOST official media, Twitter attention to the number of people up to 195,000, Facebook attention to 1,305 people, Telegram community of 3,904 people, Weibo fans of 45,000. According to CryptoCompare’s blockchain project impact analysis, IOST scored a high score of 84.88k (compared to the top ranked Zilliqa with the same main segmentation technology, only 44.26k points), specific impact data As follows.

(IOST impact data, data source: CryptoCompare)

In the media docking, IOST was interviewed by multinational media, and its founder Jimmy was highly exposed. On the online event, IOST focused on international business development. The activities include: participation in industry summits and technology forums, presentations of keynote speeches, offline meet-up events, regional offices around the world, and more.

Fourth, market position and liquidity

Since the release of IOST before the Spring Festival in 2018, the price and volume of the market have been sensational. As the digital currency industry as a whole enters the cold winter, the overall market value of the market has fallen sharply. The current price of IOST has also dropped 95% from the high level, but IOST is in CoinMarketCap. The market value ranking climbed to the 50th.

IOST’s recent market performance is also very good, not trumpet shows, its recent three months rose by 124%.

On the exchange side, non-small shows that IOST has successfully launched more than 50 exchanges such as Huobi, OKEX, Binance, Bitfinex and HitBTC, covering China, the United States, South Korea, India, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong and other regions, ensuring that The currency has sufficient global liquidity.

(List of partial exchanges on the IOST worldwide)

Source: Shallot APP
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