Tron Hits An Essential Milestone And Surpasses 1 Million Crypto Accounts – The User Base’s Growth Is Accelerating Rapidly

2018 was a fantastic year for Tron, and Justin Sun has been enjoying tons of achievements throughout the year.

The Tron Foundation acquired essential partnerships, and their developments have been going just as planned.

Now, Sun is celebrating another remarkable achievement of Tron.

Surpassing 1 million user accounts

During the past weekend, Tron announced that it managed to hit 1 million user accounts and 100 million recorded contracts.Advertisement

More than that, the growth in their user base seems to be accelerating with amazing speeds.

We’re looking at a figure between 10,000 and 40,000 new accounts on a daily basis which is pretty huge.

According to the latest statistics, Justin Sun’s predictions about Tron are all becoming a reality.

“TRON will build a fund to rescue ETH and EOS developers from the collapse of their platform as long as those developers migrate their dapps to TRON,” Sun said back in 2018.

Sun has often been making claims about the expansion of Tron and its bold goals and has been highlighting the fact that they are getting closer and closer to creating a decentralized Internet.

Intensifying focus on the gaming market

Another significant development is the $100 million Tron Arcade fund which will be seeing the company focusing more on the gaming market.

Regarding the growth of Tron and its mission in the gaming market, Sun said that Tron aims to tackle all current issues that the gaming industry is faced with and they plan to do this by “leveraging the open, transparent, and immutability of blockchain technology. Tron Arcade will play a crucial role in encouraging developers to join in our mission and provide the best blockchain gaming experience to users around the world.”

2019 will be an exciting year for the whole relationship between the gaming industry and the blockchain technology, and Tron will definitely play an essential role in this.

Currently, Tron is preparing for the upcoming conference, niTROn 2019.

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